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Love of Jesus Family Church

Our Vision

The vision of the Love of Jesus Family Church of Newark is rooted in the example of the perfect love of Jesus Christ. Under the leadership of Pastor Barbara Glanton, the Love of Jesus Family Church of Newark, Young Disciples Ministries and Young Disciples Community Development Corporation has a great vision to uplift the community through the teaching of Jesus Christ.

We Believe God to:

  • Bring the lost to the knowledge of the gospel of Jesus Christ
  • Make a difference in our neighborhoods
  • Restore unity back into the homes of families
  • Save our children

As a church, we strive to set a great example in love, unity and order. We have over 20 ministries working together to bring this vision to past.

About Our Pastor

Pastor Barbara Glanton laid down her life and submitted to the will of God on October 15, 1984. Coming from a past of rejection and abuse, she suffered and overcame adversity, hardship and many tribulations.

Pastor Barbara received a theology degree from the Deliverance Bible College of Newark, NJ, a Biblical Diploma from the Love of Jesus Academy in Orange, NJ along with other workshops and training programs.

While attending Seminary School, Pastor Barbara started the Young Disciples Ministry in her home on March 25, 1986 with two children. She also opened the doors of her home for weekly prayer meetings and woman support for 11 ½ years. Her labor of love included ministering to prisoners at the Newark Detention Center and reaching out to drug addicts and prostitutes on the rugged streets of Newark; she has shepherd a number of them to a Bible based rehabilitation center.

After 11 ½ years of faithful service both to the Young Disciples Ministry and her home church, the Love of Jesus Family Church of Orange, this exemplary woman of God was ordained under the leadership of her pastor, Pastor Jason Alvarez. On April 11, 1999, Pastor Barbara Glanton started the Love of Jesus Family Church of Newark; which has over 15 active ministries. Pastor Barbara also has a Youth Group called “I Have A Voice” where youths of all ages are empowered and equipped with Christian tools to become an asset to society.

It is because of her labor of love for people and winning souls for the kingdom of God that she continues to reach out into the community.